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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will provide a glimpse of its vision for the future of this luxury car industry after this 2nd week of September 2017  in London because it unveils Sayer, a voice-activated, artificially-intelligent steering wheel which could be utilized as a member of a car-sharing club. The wheel may be utilized as a virtual personal assistant, planning a travel and an individual’s routine in advance and might be used either within an on-demand service which guaranteed individuals had access to a vehicle suitable for the travel they had been to tackle or to get a sole-owned car. Sayer, named after Malcolm Sayer, a prominent Jaguar designer in the 1950s and 1960s, is the automaker’s latest contribution to its vision of an autonomous, joined and electric future to the industry. The business has also been testing different concepts, announcing earlier this year that it could be investing $25 million into the U.S. ride-sharing firm, Lyft, to which it will supply a fleet of vehicles. In June, the business showcased a Range Rover Sport with prototype technologies capable of operating autonomously via a city, in what it described as a movement towards “level four” Liberty: vehicles capable of driving in specific environments without intervention. “The attached steering wheel might be the only portion of the car that you have,” said JLR before this unveiling at its first-ever Tech Fest due to occur in central London, at which it will preview a number of the latest technology options it is exploring. The steering wheel will soon be featured on a brand new concept vehicle that will make its debut in the exhibition. “Imagine a near future of autonomous, attached and electric cars in which you do not have a single car, but instead call upon the vehicle of the choice where and when you require it,” proposed JLR on 4 September 2017.

The History of Jaguar Wheels

More to the point, however, is that JLR has imbued the wheel itself with artificial intelligence that is capable of interacting with its owner using voice commands, with the objective of creating a private mobility assistant that can manage jobs both on the street and in the house. Additional Jaguar has implied that the wheel could travel by its owner from car to car within the context of a vehicle sharing service, calling it potentially the “only part of the vehicle” possessed by future drivers. If this sounds a little like what you got going on in your pocket in the kind of your existing mobile phone — or maybe an Amazon Alexa or Microsoft Cortana device — you’re incorrect. A few of the situations Jaguar envisions the wheel being involved in outside of a vehicle include functioning as an alarm clock or helping to organize a trip. It’s becoming increasingly common for automakers to duplicate existing functionality found in mobile phones within vehicles themselves (including accessories like BMW’s bulky remote access key fob), but this marks the first time a firm has suggested that you truly bring a piece of the vehicle with you to accomplish tasks that you could just as easily take care of within an Android device or iPhone. We are also not sure about the idea of a steering wheel that you will need to have an ostensibly physically install in whatever vehicle you’re driving out of a rideshare service. This appears to be an inconvenient modus operandi when whatever data or functionality would be embodied from the wheel itself could just as easily be incorporated into a device with a form which would not be bulky to carry around with you. Showing up to a date with a steering wheel in your hand used to imply you were too serious about your road racer, but in Jaguar Land Rover’s future, it means you are frugal about vehicle ownership.

Jaguar Road EQ


Never mind that Sayer is much more of a rectangle and less of a wheel, Jaguar Land Rover expects a steering wheel could be pictured as a stylish AI device. That is why they’ve adopts a title from Jaguar’s past: Malcolm Sayer, one of the brand’s most designers, who worked for the company between 1951 and 1970. We won’t own cars in the future, but we may still own sections of them. And British automaker Jaguar Land Rover hopes it’s ready to maintain some hands on steering wheels. And for the high-end clients who are inclined to be drawn to Jaguar, which can be more enticing than placing a card on the windshield of a wise car on the road. The company declared a concept for a standalone steering wheel, known as Sayer, which will be shown on Thursday, 7 September 2017 in London. Unlike the dumb wheel in your existing car, Jaguar Land Rover needs Sayer to be a “trusted companion” in your house, like a butler or a corgi. The business imagines you will talk with your AI-powered steering wheel, and that it will allow you to execute “hundreds” of jobs. Jaguar asks. “Simply ask Sayer from the comfort of your living space.”



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